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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's All About Todd's Imagination - That's How He Does It

It's interesting to read the older website writings of Todd Bentley.

Link to Article

Tasting Supernatural Honey

...Revelation supernaturally transforms your imagination and understanding.

...If you imagine with your "spirit eye" then you'll have your revelation....

...5. Sanctified Imagination: If we want to see in the spirit, we must use the powerful key of sanctified imagination....

...We have to begin to see with our “third eye”—the eye on the inside, in our imagination....

...I believe (This is Todd Bentley Speaking) that 90 percent or more of all visions and revelations happen in the eye of our hearts, in our imagination....
You can read the stuff for yourself, HERE.

Folks, Todd wants your imagination to become your "God" experience/revelation.

Look at the article.

Use common sense and what's in the Scripture. Re-read the whole thing in the light of Truth.

Listen to him say basically here it is and here's how God brings revelation---IMAGINATION.

And then he says, here's some Scripture that says something remotely similar, if you take a leap of faith, that to seem to agree, totally out of context of course, with what he's saying.

BTW, this is just one of the articles about how Todd does it. Just google it to see that this isn't just a one time article, that it's a core teaching on how to receive revelation, through imagination.

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Doug and Stephanie Gorman said...

Like I say with these types of "evangelists" overcome by imagination. But, I can tell that Todd believes everything he says.

Fantastic blog,

Doug G