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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I have earnestly sought the Lord

I have earnestly sought to hear the Lord concerning this "outpouring" in Lakeland. I know absolutely that there have been marvelous creative miracles at those meetings. A few of my friends have gone to the meetings and have reported the wonderful sense of joy and unity among all the thousands of people assembled there. (One of my friends said it was a "Christian Woodstock". Interesting phraseology, don't you think?) I have heard that many "backsliders" are returning to God. Somewhere in all the many thousands that have attended the meetings I'm sure there have even been some unsaved that have cried out to Jesus to save them. (I sincerely hope they know what they need to be saved FROM, though!) Yet, I have continued to be wary of this "outpouring."

Life is short; eternity is long. The most important thing is not that we be "healthy, wealthy and powerful" on this earth; the most important thing is that we please the Lord Jesus Christ and that we be not be blotted out of the Lamb's Book of Life; that we show Christ to this lost, dark world; that we be willing to follow the Lamb WHEREVER He leads, even unto death; that we be counted "good and faithful servants" at the end of this thing we call 'time'.

In Jesus's day, the people wanted to make Him their king when He fed the multitudes from a few loaves and fish. We are no different today. Many would make Him "king" when they are being taken care of: so-called angels of finance get them out of debt, healing angels make them whole. Anyone can serve someone that makes them feel good all the time. But love is tested and purified during the hard times.

I believe that God has answered the cry of my heart about this "outpouring"; I believe He has told me that it IS from His hand, but it is like when He gave His people Saul as their king. Saul was a judgment from God because the people refused to make God their King. I believe this "outpouring" is also like I Kings 22:22: God put a lying spirit in the mouths of the false prophets in order to bring judgment on His disobedient people.

I believe motives are being revealed, tested, purified by those that are earnestly seeking the Lord. I believe that ears are being tickled and hearts are being hardened by those that are seeking their own ways. In these "last of the last days" I believe this "outpouring" is from God in order to bring about a "quick work".


Hi, I'm that guy from Lakeland who wrote the Email From-'A Lakeland Resident'
that has been making the rounds.

So, as I do some more research on this "thing" going on in my town, I'll post some links to what I find.