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Friday, July 11, 2008

Elvis Has Left The Building

Fresh Fire Ministries announced yesterday that Todd Bentley would be taking some time off to refresh and to rest from the Florida Outpouring after nearly one hundred days of ministry. The Lakeland meetings will continue and Todd will remain the leader of this move of God.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reminders, Lest We Forget

The True Workings of God, and Counterfeits of Satan.


"Knowledge and all discernment; so that ye may prove the things that
differ, that ye may be sincere and void of offence. . . ." Phil. 1: 9,10, m.

True. Counterfeit.

1. The Baptism, or Fullness of the Spirit: An influx of the Spirit of God into the human spirit, which liberates the spirit from the soul (Heb. 4: 12), so as to become a pliable organ or channel for the outflow of the Spirit through the believer, manifested in witness to Christ and in aggressive prayer service against the powers of darkness.

It is a true baptizing into the Body of Christ, and oneness with all the members of the Body. Its special mark and result is known in power to witness for Christ, and in conviction of sin in others, and their turning to God.

The highest manifestation of the Fullness of the Spirit is co-existent with the use of the faculties and self-control.

There is but one reception of the Holy Spirit: with many succeeding experiences, developments, or new crises, resultant on fresh acts of faith, or apprehension of truth; various believers having varied degrees of the same Infilling of the Spirit, according to individual conditions. The enduement of power for service is often a definite experience in many lives. Pages 50, 291, 297.

1. Counterfeit workings of evil spirits may accompany a true reception of the Fullness of the Holy Spirit, if the believer "lets go" his mind into "blankness," and yields his body up passively to supernatural power. As a "blank mind" and "passive body" is contrary to the condition for use required by the Holy Spirit, and is the primary condition necessary for evil spirits to work, the anomaly is found in the Holy Spirit responding to the law of faith, and filling the man's spirit, at the same time that evil supernatural powers respond to the law of passivity fulfilled in mind and body. They then can produce in the senses manifestations, which seem to be the outcome of the Holy Spirit's entry to the spirit.

The results of the counterfeit manifestations are varied, and wide in their ramifications, according to individual conditions. The abstract result is great "manifestations" with little real fruit; "possession" by evil spirits of the mind and body in varied degrees; a spirit of division from others, instead of unity, etc., etc. Pages 54, 97, 106, 107, 108.

2. The Presence of God: Known in and by the human spirit, through the Holy Spirit. When He fills the atmosphere of a room the spirit of the man is conscious of it, not his senses. The faculties of those present are alert and clear, and they retain freedom of action. The spirit is made tender (Psa. 34: 18), and the will pliable to the will of God. All the actions of a person moved by the true and pure Presence of God are in accord with the highest ideal of harmony and grace. Pages 104, 107.

2. The counterfeit of the Presence of God is mainly felt upon the body, and by the physical senses, in conscious "fire," "thrills," etc. The counterfeit of the "Presence" in the atmosphere is felt by the senses of the body, as "breath," "wind," etc., whilst the mind is passive or inactive. The person affected by this counterfeit "presence" will be moved almost automatically to actions he would not perform of his own will, and with all his faculties in operation. He may not even remember what he has done when under the "power" of this "presence," just as a sleep-walker knows nothing of his actions when in that state. The inaction of the mind can often be seen by the vacant look in the eyes. Pages 109, 112, 124, 128, 130.

3. God in and with man in the spirit: John 14: 23. The Father in heaven is realized to be a real Father (Gal. 4: 6), the Son a real Saviour, the Holy Spirit a real Person; manifested as One in the spirit of the believer, by the Holy Spirit: with resulting effects as in Rom. 8: 9-11. Pages 103, 130.

3. Evil spirit's counterfeit, as the occasion serves them, each Person of the Trinity, and can thus obtain access, and become in and with a man in manifestations given to the senses, in which the real spirit-sense may have no part. Pages 52, 103, 104, 105, 108.

4. Christ manifested in the believer by His Spirit, so that He is known as a Living Person on the Throne in heaven, and the believer joined in spirit to Him there, with the result that Christ's life and nature is imparted to him, forming and building up in him a "new creation," (Gal. 1: 16; 4: 19. Col. 1: 27), the believer growing up into Him in all things.note 1 Pages 103, 107, 126, 127, 289.

4. Christ apparently manifested inwardly as a "Person," to whom the soul prays, or with whom he holds communion, yet there is no real evidence of the expression of the Divine nature, or true growth of the Christ life, with a deepening fellowship with the Christ in heaven. On the contrary the Christ in heaven seems far away. The counterfeit centres and ends in an "experience" which keeps the person introverted or self-centred (spiritually). Page 107. Cf. pp. 289, 290, 291.

5. Consciousness of God: Felt in the spirit, and not by the physical senses. Pages 107, 108.

5. "Consciousness" of "God" in bodily sensations, which feed the "flesh" and overpower the true spirit-sense. Pages 106, 130.

6. The Holiness of God: when realized by the believer produces worship and godly awe, with a hatred of sin. On the ground of the Blood of Calvary God draws near to men, seeking their love, but His presence does not terrorize. Page 289.

6. Evil spirits counterfeit this by giving a terror of God, which drives men away from Him, or forces them into actions of slavish fear, apart from the use of the mind, and volition, in glad voluntary obedience to Him. Page 143.

7. Surrender to God: Of spirit, soul and body, is a simple yielding or committal to Him of the whole man, to do His will and be at His service. God asks the full co-operationnote 2 of the man in the intelligent use of all his faculties. Rom. 6: 13. Page 70.

7. Passive yielding of spirit, soul and body to supernatural power, to be moved automatically, in passive, blind obedience, apart from the use of volition or mind. Evil spirits desire "control" of a man, and his passive submission to them. Pages 68, 69.

8. Fellowship with the sufferings of Christ: The result of faithful witness for Him, and in such "suffering," the joy of the Spirit breaks forth in spirit. (Acts 5: 41). The fruit of true conformity to Christ's death in the "fellowship of His sufferings" is seen in life to others, and growth in tenderness of spirit, and Christ-likeness in character. 2 Cor. 4: 10-12. Page 89.

8. "Suffering" caused by evil spirits is characterized by a fiendish acuteness, and is fruitless in result--the victim being hardened instead of mellowed by it. The demons can cause anguished suffering in spirit, soul or body. "Possession" manifested in abnormal suffering, may be the fruit of (unconscious) acceptance of sufferings caused by evil spirits, often under the name of the "will of God." Pages 88, 89, 90.

9. Trusting God: A true faith given of God in the spirit, having its origin in Him, without effort reckoning upon Him to fulfil His written Word. Co-existent with the full use of every faculty in intelligent action. "Faith" is a fruit of the Spirit and cannot be forced. Gal. 5: 22. 2 Cor. 4: 13. Page 275.

9. "Trusting evil spirits" comes about through trusting blindly some supernatural words, or revelations, supposed to come from God, which produces a forced "faith," or faith beyond the believer's true measure, the result being actions which lead into paths of trial never planned by God. Pages 129, 135, 274, 275.

10. Reliance upon God: An attitude of the will, of trust and dependence upon God, taking Him at His word, and depending upon His character of faithfulness. Page 127.

10. Reliance upon evil spirits means a passive leaning upon supernatural help and experience, which draws the person away from faith in God Himself, and from active co-action with Him. Page 143.

11. Communion with God: Fellowship in the Spirit with Christ in the glory as one spirit with Him. The consciousness of this is in the spirit (John 4: 24) only, and not in "feelings" in the senses. See for conditions of true communion with God, 1 John 1: 5-7. Page 291.

11. "Communion" with evil spirits may take place by retiring within to enjoy sense communion, in "exquisite feelings" which absorbs and renders the soul incapable of the duties of life. The "flesh" is fed by this spurious spiritual "communion" as really as in grosser ways. Pages 124, 125, 155.

12. Waiting on God: The spirit in restful co-operation with the Holy spirit, waiting God's time to act, and a waiting for Him to fulfil His promises. The true waiting upon God can be co-existent with the keenest activity of mind and service. Page 62-63.

12. A "waiting for the Spirit to come," in hours of prayer, which brings those who "wait" into passivity, which at last reaches a point of "séance" conditions, followed by an influx of lying spirits in manifestations. Pages 62, 63.

13. Praying to God: Having access to the Holiest of all, on the ground of the Blood (Heb. 10: 19). Penetrating in spirit through the lower heavens to the Throne of Grace. Heb 4: 14-16. True "prayer" is not directed toward God as within the believer, but to a Father in heaven, in the Name of the Son, by the Holy Spirit. Page 126.

13. Praying to evil spirits comes about by praying to "God" in the atmosphere, or within, or possibly to "pictures" of God in the mind; instead of approaching the Throne of Grace according to Heb. 10: 19. Pages 95, 130.

14. Asking God: An act of the will in simple faith, making a transaction with God in heaven, on the ground of His written Word. "Answers to prayer" from God are usually so unsensational and so unobtrusive that the petitioner often does not recognize the answer. Cf. pages 249, 276, 279.

14. "Asking" evil spirits, by speaking to some supernatural presence in, or around the person. The "answers" are generally "dramatic," sensational, calculated to over-awe the person, and make him feel he is a wonderful recipient of favour from on high. By this means the demons gain control over him. Pages 118, 119, 142.

15. God speaking: Through His Word, by His Spirit, in the spirit and conscience of the man, illuminating the mind to understand the will of the Lord. Page 136.

15. Evil spirits speaking, wither puffing up, accusing, condemning or confusing the person, so that the is bewildered or distracted and cannot exercise his reason or judgment. The "speaking" of accusing spirits resembles the "thinking," or speaking to oneself, when the words are not uttered audibly. Pages 170, 171. Also "Listening" on pages 119, 125, 136, 142, 143.

16. The voice of God: Is heard and known in the spirit of man, wherein the Spirit of God dwells. God also speaks through the conscience, and through the written Word (see "Texts"), never confusing or dulling the faculties of the man, or perplexing him, so as to hinder clearness of judgment and reason. The true voice of God does not make a demand of unreasoning obedience to it, irrespective of the man's free volition. Pages 137, 138.

16. The counterfeit "voice" of God is usually loud and comes from outside the person. It can come from within, when the person is deeply possessed. It is frequently imperative and persistent, urging to sudden action. Confusing and clamorous, or subtle in suggestion; producing fear through its insistent demands, making the man a slave to supernatural power. May also be distinguished from the voice of God by its sometimes, trivial objective, and fruitless results when obeyed. Pages 137, 139, 141, 142.

17. Divine guidance: Through the spirit and mind; i.e., "drawing" in spirit, light in the mind: spirit and mind brought into one accord in harmony with the principles of the Word of God (Ephes. 5: 17; Phil. 1: 9-11 A.V. m.) Pages 134, 135, 136, 140, 219.

17. Satanic guidance by supernatural voices, visions, leadings, drawings, are all dependent upon the passivity of the mind and reason, and take place in the sense-realm as a counterfeit of the true in the spirit. Pages 128, 134, 135, 136, 221, 222.

18. Divine "Leadings": Are in the spirit; demand co-operation of the man in every faculty of mind, and spiritual intelligence in correctly rending the monitions of the Spirit. The will is always left free to choose and act. The true "leading of the Spirit" is never out of accord with principles of God's Word. Pages 140, 141.

18. Satanic "leadings" and impulses, demand passive surrender of mind and body. They are compulsory in effect, and all "compelling" and "compulsion" from the supernatural realm indicates the work of deceiving spirits. Pages 140, 141, 157.

19. Divine "Visions": When given, come (1) without seeking for them, (2) with definite purpose, (3) are never abortive, and (4) are co-existent with active use of the mind and faculties. Page 150.

19. Satanic visions, (1) demand a passive state, (2) are broken by mental action, (3) are frequently contrary to truth, and (4) fruitless in result. Destroy all faith reliance on God. Pages 149, 150.

20. Obedience to God: An act of deliberate will, choosing to do the will of God, when made known to the believer. A full examination of the source of the command preceding intelligent decision to obey, is co-existent with true obedience. Pages 50, 51, 54.

20. Counterfeit of "obedience" is a passive, automatic, blind yielding to supernatural power or voices, apart from intelligent apprehension of results or consequences. The person fears to question or examine the source of the command. Pages 50, 141.

21. God giving power: By the Holy Spirit in the man's spirit, strengthening him in spirit, so as to energize his mind and every faculty of his being to their fullest use, and enabling him to endure and accomplish what he would not bear or do apart from God. (Ephes. 3: 16) Pages 70, 138, 288.

21. Evil spirits give power in a supernatural energy--generally spasmodic and unreliable--dependent upon the man being passive in spirit, soul and body. This "power," when it ceases, leaves the man dull and exhausted, the effect generally being attributed to natural causes. Cf. pages 112, 118, 119.

22. God giving influence: Means that the believer draws others to God, not to himself. True Divine "influence" does not "control" others automatically, but constrains them to turn to God. Page 289.

22. Evil spirits giving "influence," means a control or power over other which causes them to act apart from their volition, or reason. This "power" may be exercised unknowingly by persons the demons can use in this way. Page 145.

23. God giving "impressions": Means a gentle movement in the spirit, which leaves the person free to act of his own volition, and does not compel him to action. "impressions from God" are within in the shrine of the spirit; and not from a "power" outside, e.g., in "touches" on the body, or an exterior compelling force. See page 219 for action of the spirit.

23. Evil spirits' "impressions" are from outside, upon the person, and require certain conditions for the "impressions" to be given--i.e., a sitting still and waiting, etc. These conditions can also be fulfilled unconsciously by cultivating passivity of the whole being. See obsession, ppp. Cf. pages 128, 129.

24. Divine life from God: Is known, not by "consciousness," but results, enabling the believer to bear and suffer what he could not bear or suffer humanly. There is rarely any "feeling" of strength or life, because consciousness of Divine life would draw the man from the path of faith to rely upon his experience. Pages 91, 291.

24."Life" in thrills, etc., given by evil spirits, is known by its being in the senses, giving pleasant sensations, rather than true power. When it passes away, the person is dulled or weakened, and may go into spiritual darkness through numbness of the sensibilities, e.g., he says he is "like a stone." Page 130.

25. Divine love: Shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Spirit, is co-existent with keen and faithful dealing with sin; with acute hatred to sin and Satan, and all that is contrary to righteousness.

God's love does not dull, but energizes every faculty to fulfil the action for which it was intended in creation. It has no "craving" in it, nor does it weaken those to whom it flows out. Cf. page 291.

25. Counterfeit of the "love of God" makes the recipient cover over sin, compromise with it; dulls him to keen-edged righteousness; makes him incapable of true hatred to the things that God hates, for the faculty which "loves" is the faculty which hates.

The counterfeit of love, whether human or Divine, given by evil spirits, grips the sensibilities with an overmastering and painful "craving" for its object. Pages 108, 128, 145.

26. Fire from God: Is a purifying through suffering (Matt. 3: 11,12), or a consuming zeal in spirit, which deepens into white heat intensity to do the will and work of God, which no trials or opposition can quench. Fire from God is spiritual, not literal, and therefore falls upon the spirit, not the body. Page 291.

26. "Fire" caused by evil spirits is generally a glow in the body, which the believer thinks is a manifestation of "God" in "possession" of the body, but afterwards results in darkness, dullness and weakness with no reasonable cause; or else it continues deceiving the believer into counterfeit experiences. Pages 82, 130.

27. Texts from God: These are given through the organ of the spirit to the mind, when the spirit is (1) calm, (2) unstrained, (3) at liberty, (4) open to the Spirit of God. They do not confuse, and when acted upon are found to be confirmed in Providence, and are always in accord with the keen use of the faculties. Intelligent knowledge of the broad principles of Scripture is needed for the true interpretation of "texts" which arise in the spirit, lest they be misused through human conceptions of Divine things, e.g., the mind may take literally what God means spiritually. Cf. page 139.

27. Texts from evil spirits "flash" into the mind: rush with force; come from without (audibly), or in the mental sphere. They elate or crush, condemn or puff up; confuse or turn out fruitless, leading those who obey them into vain actions, or into wreckage of circumstances. Evil spirits give a false "experience," and then "texts to confirm it," whereas true experience confirms the truth of the statements of the written Word. Evil spirits make use of all misconceptions of truth. Pages 18, 65, 66, 139, 149, 150.

28. Sin from the fallen nature: Is from within, carries the will with it, or else forces the will by its pressure. The man knows the movement to sin is sin, and yet yields to it. Rom. 6: 6,11,12 is God's way of dealing with the fallen nature, and its workings, as the believer stands on the ground of the Cross, and wields Christ's finished Calvary work as a weapon for victory. The Holy Spirit bears witness to the Cross in setting free from sin, when it is the outcome of the evil nature. Pages 229, 234, 247.

28. Sin caused by e.s., apart from temptation, is also within, but is forced into the spirit, mind or body, against the desire of the man, and should be recognized as distinctly not of, or from himself, e.g., blasphemous thoughts and unexplainable "feelings." If the "sin" infused by demons is dealt with as from the evil nature, although the person stands on Rom. 6: 6,11, and refuses it, no deliverance comes, but when it is recognized as the work of demons, and resisted on the ground of the Cross, freedom is quickly given. Pages 133, 218, 228-233.

29. Self-examination in the light of God: A discrimination of his own actions exercised by the spiritual man, which does not produce "despair," "disappointment," a "crushed feeling," etc., but leads to rapid decision of action, and a joyous faith in the co-operating work of the Spirit in deliverance from all that does not bear the verdict of the light of God. John 3: 21. Page 56.

29. Self-introspection, is made use of by evil spirits to throw the believer into self-accusation and despair. This dries the person inward and downward to crushed impotence and faithlessness. God never crushes His children. He convicts only to reveal the remedy. Evil spirits seek to turn souls into self-centred absorption whereas God moves in them to live and care for others. Page 159.

30. Conviction of sin: Comes from the Word of God, or by the direct action of the Holy Spirit, to the conscience, in times of quiet prayer or reading. It is never "vague" or confusing, and ceases directly the man decides to obey the Word, or go to God for cleansing in the Blood of Christ. True conviction is also a deepening experience, as the light of God shines into the conscience and life. Cf. pages 229 to 234.

30. Evil spirits' accusations, which are a counterfeit of conviction, are from without, in the ear (audibly), or to the mind , in a "nagging," persistent, confusing kind of "speaking," often without definite purpose or specific reason. No "confessing" or "step of obedience" affects these accusations, and they come again and again over the same things Many live under a perpetual cloud through the attacks of accusing spirits. They are under the shadow of being "always wrong." Cf. pages 229 to 234.

31. Confession of sin: To God and man, should be the deliberate act of the will in obedience to the Word of God, and conscience. It should be followed by sincere repentance and putting away of the confessed sin, and have the witness of the Spirit to the conscience that the sin has been put away through the efficacy of the Blood of Christ. Page 133.

31. Compulsory confessions, by the driving power of evil spirits upon the mind in accusation, or from remorse; or, to silence the accusing voices, the man is sometimes impelled to "confess" "sins" which have no actual existence. Page 133.


Without exception the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is marked by (a) a Christ-like spirit of love, (b) soberness of spirit vision, (c) keenness of vision, (d) deep humility of heart and meekness of spirit, with lion-courage against sin and Satan, and (e) clearness of the mental faculties with a "sound mind." 2 Timothy 1: 7.

"Wherefore be ye not foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is . . ."--Ephes. 5: 17, R.V.


Speaking generally, proof of "sense-manifestations" being from deceiving spirits may be found in the spirit being wrong alongside of "manifestations," e.g., 1. Condemning spirit and judging spirit. 2. Spirit-vision dulled; cannot see marks of God at work in other ways. 3. Absence of true Spirit-power in (a) conviction of sin, (b) deliverance of souls, or (c) salvation of souls. 4. Or the spirit is "sweet" in a weak sense, with mind dulled, and unable to work with clearness.

Todd's Interview on Nightline

Wow, they seem to have done a good job analyzing the meetings and Todd, according to Sola Dei Gloria

If I had never heard or read anything about this man or the event and this interview was my introduction to both, there is no way I would think this was of God. When asked for verification on all the healings and miracles he claims to have ‘performed’ (and believe me, he does take the credit) he offers the interview-er the “media packet” which is suppose to be proof–it held no proof at all folks. He said on camara this packet contained ‘verifiable testimonies’ and ‘medical documents’. They showed these ‘papers’ on camara, they were nothing more then papers with names, locations, contact info blacked out.

A couple of the people they followed who came for healing, a man and his critically ill child being one, was heart breaking to watch.These people are coming to see Todd…to have “Todd” heal them or their ill loved one. That was very clear in the interviews with the people. This is all about Todd. If I ever doubted that, this interview and Todd’s own words proved it.

Todd’s comment about needing “1,000 more Todd Bentley’s” made me sick.

For those of you who have written me nasty letters concerning the money being taken in at this event, telling me Todd gets nothing–this interview proves you wrong. He makes 100,000.00 a year…plus its revealed he now needs more to be given: more money to pay his ‘ever growing staff’. I noticed he has public relation people around him now.


Added 7/10~~The ABC Nightline page on the segment is here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008



And the False Teacher of the Year Award Goes to…

Todd Bentley! Yes folks, it’s awfully hard these days to narrow it down to just one heretic when there are so many to choose from in American churchianity. What, with the plethora of apostates in the Word of Faith, seeker-sensitive, emergent church and easy believism proponents abounding, it is increasingly difficult to decide who “takes the cake” for the coveted ‘Informed Evangelist” false prophet award, but Bentley wins it going away.

Bentley brought his traveling freak show to the University of North Texas’ (Denton) Coliseum on Thursday night for “one night only” (praise God for small mercies). A team from The Lost Cause Ministries went out primarily to share the Gospel with those who are deluded by Bentley’s brand of false teaching. This was no easy task. Even though we were two hours early, the die-hard Word of Faith followers could not stop long enough for even a five minute interview because (they said with panicked expressions), “I need to get inside and get a seat. I might miss something!” Their demeanor was very similar to that of hardcore crack cocaine addicts who “joneses” without their quick fix. Fortunately admission was free and we got inside and passed out several hundred Gospel tracts and did some one-to-ones with a few Bentley fans.

Several of our team had to leave for another pre-scheduled venue, but a few of us stayed. Because of fortuitous circumstances, we ended up seated about four rows from the front, on the ground level. We were able to catch some of the service on video tape and audio recorded the entirety of Bentley’s “sermon”. What follows is a review of his message with some observations of things we personally witnessed at this event.

An Overview

Bentley’s message ran a total of 75 minutes. A friend asked me before he spoke, “What do you think he will preach about?” I said, “I think Todd will preach about Todd.” Apparently I was moving in the prophetic because that is exactly what he did. Imagine, and I had never even been to Lakeland before! Apparently the anointing is even more transferable than Bentley thinks!

After an hour and a half of being pummeled by worship leaders whose style resembled something like a cross between a squirrel on methamphetamines and whirling dervishes (intended, no doubt, to “let the anointing come” or simply to induce mass hysteria or brain washing), the local heretics (aka “gatekeepers”) welcomed Bentley to Denton\DFW. Chief heretic presiding was Chuck Pierce, of the Glory of Zion Outreach Center in Denton. GOZ is a self-styled “apostolic” Word of Faith ministry who is huge on receiving extra-Biblical revelation via dreams, prophecies, words of knowledge, etc. Pierce made an innocuous prophecy regarding the global outpouring that Bentley will usher in (now there’s a surprise).

Keith Miller of Stand Firm World Ministries, who has preached in Lakeland on several occasions and is trying to “bring it back” to Texas, was prophesied over by Bentley, at which point his true character was physically manifested when he and his wife lost their spines and turned into jelly on the stage, presumably from the power of the anointing. Texas, be warned. Miller is coming to a city near you with the Lakeland style hysteria. Just add Word of Faithers and stir. Instant revival.

The house keeping attended to, and Miller’s physical spine restored, Bentley began his diatribe (it cannot be called “preaching” or a “sermon” by any definition of the word). As already stated, Bentley pontificated about himself and the experiences at Lakeland. His speaking cadence varied from calm and quiet to hysterical. The crowd responded in kind, at the typical cues. In Bentley’s case, whenever he frantically shakes his head from side to side, this is a sign of the “anointing”. If he blows puffs of air out of his lips, apparently that means something big is REALLY going to happen. The crowd response? Speak in jibberish, laugh maniacally, sob, or scream in unison. This apparently helps grow the “fire” and “keep it going”, judging by the way the “worship” leader conducted herself.

Bentley reviewed the history of his own ministry going back to 1999, when he claims he was transported to Heaven and saw tens of thousands of “healing angels.” He came to understand that he is going to be the agent for the release of at least one hundred “healing revivals” at the same time, across the globe. This special anointing was to be released just prior to the return of Christ. He had the impression that he “has to score the touchdown” (his vision had to do with a Super Bowl-like scenario in a football stadium) and that it’s basically all up to him. Lo and behold, now is the time for the outpouring as evidenced by what is happening at Lakeland. In short, “It’s all about Todd.”

Bentley states that the unique thing about his healing revival is that it will be sustainable and transferable. In other words, anyone can get it. And those who get it are encouraged and expected to take the “fire” back to their own churches where they can have the same kind of revival (circus?) in their own church. Bentley is democratizing healing ministry. Apparently it will no longer be necessary to go back again and again to the specialist healers like Bentley, Benny Hinn and others. Now, if you can shake your head and yell “fire”, “bam” or “pow”, you “got it.” Imagine the confusion that will exist in so many churches.

At this point, Bentley made a big show of opening his Bible to John 5. He said something to the effect, “I better have you open your Bibles. I wouldn’t want anyone to say that Bentley came to Texas and never had you open your Bibles” (followed by snide laughter by Bentley AND many in the crowd). We’ll come back to Bentley’s hack-job of exegesis a bit later. It was deeply concerning that a professed preacher of the Gospel would actually mock anyone who would expect him to open his Bible.

This attitude is not surprising considering the fact that in a crowd of 10,000 our team saw less than ten Bibles in the arena. There were probably more than that, but it would be generous to say that 10% of the attendees had a Bible with them. One of our team members asked someone in the parking lot why they didn’t have their Bible with them. She said that the last time she came to one of these Word of Faith events that her family had their Bibles stolen. Bentley brags that he does not preach against specific sins, but apparently it wouldn’t hurt his own people if he preached against thievery.

After his deeply flawed exegesis of John 5, Bentley reverted to his chest thumping. He claims to have the names and contact information of 50,000 people healed in Lakeland in 90 days. Of these 50,000, he claims to have received hundreds of verifiable medical reports and is in the process of compiling a book documenting the healings. He further claims that he has a medical doctor on his team and a staff of about 100 who follow-up on the professed miracles one to two weeks later. He claims that this book will be available in “about two weeks” (from July 3rd). He is now on the clock. Watch for his book around July 17th. We will give him the benefit of a doubt and give him until the end of the month, but we are not holding our breath.

Bentley claims that there have been thirty resurrections from the dead since April 3rd because of his revival. He covers his own posterior by saying that if at least five of them are real then God is really doing something. He does the same thing with his “healings”, telling the gullible that sometimes it can take as much as a week or two before they “receive” their healing. He also says that people sometimes “lose their healing”. What? I don’t recall the Lord Jesus giving His followers disclaimers when He healed them. Folks, face it. This stuff is not real. It’s the fruit of lousy theology combined with the power of suggestion to a crowd that is desperate for healing and an experience.

After some more self aggrandizement regarding the coming “media revival” where he will be featured on Nightline and other news shows, he rehearsed the history of the Lakeland revival in particular. He claims that a “healing angel” visited him in his hotel room on April 3rd telling him that the long awaited “healing revival has begun.” He spoke of some “unusual miracles” where scars and burn marks miraculously vanished. A man with a glass eyeball claims to see out of it. A double amputee claims that his legs have begun to grow back to the tune of one inch. Homosexuals have been “healed” of their homosexuality and fifty wheelchair bound people have been healed.

At this point Bentley stated that he does not preach against specific sin. He alluded to Romans 3:10 and Romans 3:23 and said, “Sin is sin and only the blood of Jesus can cleanse it.” These few sentences out of 75 minutes of preaching comprise the only content than can be remotely called a presentation of the Gospel. More on this later.

At this point, Bentley conducted a free will offering which was collected for Keith Miller’s ministry. He used it as an invitation to “plant revival seeds” and reap “one hundredfold”. His disclaimer of “you cannot purchase the anointing” seemed disingenuous considering the emphasis made upon personal blessing if one faithfully gave financially to the ministry. Just because Bentley gave that little disclaimer in no way frees him from the responsibility he bears when he led them to believe that their “harvest of miracles” was directly related to their giving. A charlatan is a charlatan even if he’s raising money for another charlatan.


What’s wrong with Bentley and his message should be obvious to anyone with just a modicum of discernment. Since one cannot use the words “discernment” and “Lakeland fan” in the same sentence, I’m going to step out on a limb and explain just a few important points.

1. His ridiculous interpretation of Scripture.

Since Bentley didn’t actually use much Scripture, this is an easy place to start. He went to John 5 and read some of the account regarding the pool of Bethesda. He committed some atrocious eisegesis (he read his interpretation into the text instead of interpreting what the text actually says). He emphasized the fact that the KJV says that an “angel” stirred up the pool and WHOEVER was cured of WHATEVER. He said that the miracles happened there because the angel stirred up the “healing anointing” (pool) and that the anointing was even stronger with Jesus. He said that the word “Bethesda” means “grace of God” and “outpouring”. During a personal conversation he claims he had with the Lord on the plane to DFW, the Lord told him that the swimming pools he saw on the approach to DFW airport were “pools of Bethesda” or “pools of healing” and that this was a promise from God that there would be an outpouring in Denton. Now there’s a surprise since that is what he PLANNED on doing while he was in town.

A couple of issues with what little interpretation he actually did: 1) the story about the “angel” does not appear in many manuscripts of John 5. 2) Even if you allow for the story, most Biblical scholars understand that this story has to do with a tradition that is not endorsed by Scripture, simply reported on. In other words, it would be better to say, “It was said that an angel stirred up the pool.” 3) “Bethesda” is an Aramaic word (not Greek or Hebrew) and any Aramaic place name is very difficult to interpret with exact certainty, even if you specialize in the Aramaic language. 4) The big idea of John 5:1-9 is not the fact that a place of healing was established by an angel, but that the Lord Jesus established His claims to Deity, title to Messiah and the fact that He is Lord of the Sabbath since He performed this miracle on the Sabbath (cf. the context of the rest of chapter 5).

This text is NOT proof that Todd Bentley is an anointed messenger of God. It is proof that Jesus Christ is God. Bentley abuses the text to subtly take the eyes of professing believers off of Christ and onto himself. Bentley is guilty of the “spirit of antichrist” (1 Jn. 4:1-3). He is taking Jesus out of the text and adding himself.

2. His Emphasis on Angelic Visions:

Bentley, in an unprecedented way, credits “healing angels” with the revivals he claims. He claims angelic visits, angelic revelations, etc. Apparently Galatians 1:8 is lost on him. Apparently he is not concerned by others who have been deceived by angelic visions, including the Mormon false prophet, Joseph Smith and the Muslim false prophet, Mohammed. Apparently he does not understand the truth of 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 that messengers of Satan disguise themselves as “angels of light.” The cold, hard fact that his claims do not match Scripture do not concern him since the Word of Faith movement allows for additional revelation besides the Bible.

3. His “Proof” of the Veracity of His Experiences:

Bentley stated flatly that the proof of the reality of his experiences is, “the global outpouring happening at Lakeland”. In other words, the miracles, number of followers, and global spread of this revival is the “proof.” By that line of reasoning, Islam and Mormonism are also blessed of God since they started with angelic messages and are both growing exponentially. Furthermore, miracles have NEVER been considered final proof of the truthfulness of a prophet’s claims. What has been the distinguishing factor has been the Scriptural content of the message and fulfilled prophecies. One single unfulfilled prophecy resulted in the execution of the false prophet in Old Testament days (Deut. 13:1-5).

The real proof of Bentley is completely lacking. He is a false teacher. Considering the fact that there are “lying wonders”, even if Bentley’s healings are real the content of his message reveal him as a fraud (2 Thess. 2:9).

During the “healings” in Denton, there was not one single immediately verifiable healing. All of the healings were for medical issues which could not be observed outwardly with any certainty. Those who came forward said that they “felt better” (in some cases) but it was totally impossible to determine that they had indeed been healed. If they felt a “tingling” or “a burning”, it was equated with the anointing. What would these same folks make of the “burning in the bosom” that the Mormons talk so much about? They would be easily sucked into that cult. Scripture must trump experience every time.

4. His Refusal to Preach the Gospel:

This is an important issue. Some who have used Way of the Master make a big deal about the fact that a partner ministry of Bentley’s called “Citytakers” trains the people who do street evangelism in Lakeland using some (not all) of Ray Comfort’s material. They miss the facts that: 1) Bentley does not “preach against specific sins”, which is contrary to the principle of using the Law in evangelism, 2) their questionnaires and materials do not teach the concept of false conversion, 3) their questionnaires use modern Gospel techniques to “get decisions”, and 4) their material places a heavier than normal emphasis on baptism, similar to Church of Christ false teachings.

Bentley did NOT preach the Gospel in Denton. He only briefly mentioned sin as something he does not preach specifically about. He mentioned Christ’s sacrifice in passing (one sentence) and did not mention repentance or Biblical faith. He did not even mention the substitutionary nature of Christ’s death and did not mention His resurrection in connection with the Gospel. This single issue disqualifies Bentley as a minister of the Gospel. What is the point of assembling 10,000 people to simply talk about your ministry for more than an hour? In spite of all of the lip service to God’s glory, this fact alone reveals that this Lakeland outpouring is strictly about Todd Bentley.


There is much, much more that can be said about this dangerous heresy arising out of Lakeland. There is much more that we witnessed that was disturbing. What is truly sad is going to an event like this and seeing those in wheel chairs who leave the arena disappointed. They are lied to and told either that their faith is not strong enough or that their healing will come later.

What is even worse, is the fact that these folks are deluded by a man who is spreading a false Gospel. They are experiencing something at these events and think that they now know Christ. They have been inoculated by Satan himself against the true Gospel. They will not hear it because they think they already have it, when all they have is a cheap counterfeit. Eventually, these folks will burn out on the hype and will not be found in any church. Meanwhile, the preachers like Bentley and those who support him will continue to make money off of this lie. They will be faithful to their heresy as long as their bank accounts are full. On the day of judgment they will hear those horrible words from our Lord Himself, “Depart from Me, I never knew you, you workers of iniquity” (Matt. 7:23).

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What Is The Purpose of Water Baptism?

What is the purpose of water baptism?

Whatever you may believe, what does the Bible teach?

Is that what's going on here?

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Reflections On Lakeland Florida Events

Here is an article from Moreil Ministries, , apparently from a pastor/church in the UK. LINK TO ARTICLE

Reflections On Lakeland Florida Events

Dear Friends, Fellow Ministers, saints and any others who will listen,

I have been inundated with both concerns, requests for information and for help concerning the happenings in Lakeland, Florida. I thought it might be helpful to send out some guidelines and information I have received from different sources. (on request-see later)

First, some things to think through.

(1) It isn't necessary to have to go there to find out what is happening as there are a multitude of excerpts on You Tube, which give just about every slant you would wish to have. For those who dispute that, I would say "why do you just watch the news on TV and not go to all the places where it comes from to make your own assessment?" We can discern things both good and bad by media visuals without actually being there. I have just watched yet another excerpt called "What possesses Todd Bentley?" (Defending 2008/5/27). If I needed any further convincing this stuff is not of God this would be it. Full of the usual peripatetic and bizarre behaviour accompanied with the horrible mocking laughter (characteristic of Torontoism), it is the total antithesis to the ministry of the Lord Jesus described in Isaiah 42 and which describes TRUE ANOINTING. To watch the helper of a so called minister of God staggering across a platform with a laptop in his hands and falling down with it, is more akin to clowns at the circus. Anybody who really thinks this is God deserves to be deceived! Even if ALL the You Tube segments were selective, I would still have the same concerns. A huge amount of footage now available shows behaviour so bizarre, that even children in our Church have said "Daddy, how can that possibly be of God?"

(2) Todd Bentley claims to converse with an angel called Emma, who was active with the Kansas City Prophets, and I note one of the people very close to him is Bob Jones whom I understand is a discredited Kansas City Prophet and who claimed to hear from this same angel. At least one site gives information on a pagan goddess called Emma! Does any of this sound Kosher or Biblical? (See Col 2 vs 18-19). Surely, this alone should make any sensible person ask serious questions about what is going on here?

(3) More than one person I have seen on the web and with whom I have spoken believe Todd Bentley has gone into deception and some of these claim to be either his friends or have met him personally.

(4) When revivals took place in Church history (e.g. at the beginning of the 20th Century), they spontaneously occurred in SEVERAL places in the world and were not dependent on ONE place or ONE person or the impartation of "IT" (whatever that is?) People went there to receive a SCRIPTURAL baptism in the Holy Spirit and all the events could be substantiated by Scripture. It seems that everything is dependent on this IMPARTATION. If this is not the Holy Spirit, then we need to be aware that we can receive another spirit, another Jesus and another gospel (2 Cor 11 v 4). Most people don't like to hear that what they are receiving might be this and not the real thing. Why did Paul give this warning if it couldn't happen?

(5) Could somebody tell me what "in the name of BAM" means? Or what does "blah, blah, blah" being said over somebody signify? If you take the trouble to actually examine the media, you cannot but be really alarmed by what you see.

(6) Would a spirit filled man promote tattoos or be filled with bits of metal when the Scripture expressly forbids marking or piercing the body. True prophets and ministers promote obedience to the Word of God. (See Deut 13 vs 1-5)

(7) There seems to be a preponderance of dreams and visions (sometimes several per night?) My recent studies on the Apostle Paul show that he had 7 major visions in his whole life and these often at crucial and dangerous periods in his life.

(8) There is a clear link with Toronto - You can see Todd Bentley on screen with the Arnotts and many You tube excerpts show the same bizarre, and ridiculous behaviour which accompanied the Toronto events. In one clip I am told people throw food around! We read or hear of Bentley and Jones "spirit surfing" (whatever that is), and some people who have been in the occult believe that astral projection is taking place.

(9) Healing and miracles, so called, are absolutely no guarantee that something is of the Holy Spirit. How many of these have been medically authenticated? Read Revelation 16 vs 13-14 if you don't believe me. Raphael Gasson a converted medium describes in his book "The challenging Counterfeit", how people are healed in spiritism. It is worth noting that in Matthew 24 one end time sign which occurs 3 times is that of deception and false prophets, which makes it all the more important that these events are matched against Scripture and ALL the Biblical tests by which we should test ministries, manifestations and "signs and wonders". Scripture makes it abundantly clear that we are to judge doctrines, spirits and ministries. Unfortunately many have long since left their Bibles behind in these matters!

(10) Having been personally involved in the charismatic renewal of the sixties with its Spirit anointed meetings, where people hardly dared to move because of the glory and presence of the Holy Spirit, these meetings are more akin to a circus, than anything described in real revivals. There is much hype and I cannot believe that Jesus and the disciples or the early Church ministered in these bizarre ways. Some of the physical activities of kicking people etc beggar belief! I have also experienced with others at close hand the ministry of those who have gone into falsehood and with the experience of hindsight I hear the same alarm bells ringing. Unfortunately many people have never had the misfortune of that experience and think that they are beyond being deceived or that this only happens in somebody else's back garden!

(11) As I both expected and predicted, all those who ran after Toronto seem to be running after these events. I find it sad that when our own country is under judgment, with warnings from people like David Pawson and the Bishop of Rochester, thousands of pounds are being wasted jetting off to USA. We should be on our knees crying out to God to visit our nation in true revival and using this money to evangelise and reach the lost or giving it to those who do.

(12) Somebody once said "the one thing we learn from history is that we never learn". All these things have happened before (Toronto probably caused one of the biggest divisions amongst charismatics/pentecostals in my lifetime, and perhaps ever). In my view, it divided those who really love Scripture and its plain teachings and warnings from those who only pay lip service to such. When Toronto first came, I spent hours examining, researching and most of all tried to search out the heart of God over all these matters (as I also did with the Kansas City prophets). Not only was I horrified by the way Scripture was twisted to suit the events by the leading players, but the Holy Spirit revealed many places in Scripture which clearly showed errors, abuses and deception taking place. I am glad to note that whilst the usual "big name" charismatic leaders are running after this stuff, there are many balanced and noted men of God who aren't.

(13) On a positive note, as an individual and as a Church, we never suffered by weighing and testing and rejecting Torontoism and many other things which have taken place. We have emphasised the balance of preaching the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit and we are increasingly finding many hungry people coming in some cases long distances. We regularly experience true gifts of the Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance and the manifest presence of God in our midst, and so we should not be bullied by those who may suggest we are missing something if we do not get involved in all this hype. ANYTHING God does, if it is genuine may take place anywhere direct from heaven and as already said is not dependent on one person or place or some special "impartation". Neither should we be bullied by those who use the phrase "Pharisees" to describe those who are not enthusiastic about these so called "revivals" or wish to weigh them against Scripture and discernings of spirits. The Holy Spirit is "sent down from heaven“ (1 Peter 1 v 12). Just like Torontoism all of this in Florida is dependent on somebody who has this so called anointing imparting it and then passing it on to others. It's all tracked back to one place! This is totally unbiblical.

(14) The use and practices of IMPARTATION in my view is used far beyond the remit of Scripture and there is a huge need to re-visit the doctrine of laying on of hands and the word anointing in both OLD and New Testament concepts. All of this is done far to liberally and freely in the modern Church without realising both the implications and dangers. We should exercise extreme caution about whom we allow to lay hands on us indiscriminately unless we know who they are, and are sure WHAT spirit is being communicated. We are personally acquainted with situations where people received false spirits from "Torontoism" and needed to be delivered from such. Beware of "in" buzz words such as impartation, soaking, resting in the spirit etc. Paul exhorts us "to compare spiritual with spiritual - NOT IN THE WORDS WHICH MAN'S WISDOM TEACHES, (ie the jargon of psychology, religion or modern charismatic 'pop' religion) but which the HOLY SPIRIT TEACHES". (1 Cor 2 v 13) The language of Scripture is quite adequate to describe what God is doing. "Soulish” (psychic) sensations are very different to reality which comes from heaven and God's glory. James tells us "the wisdom which descends NOT from above is earthly, sensual (soulish or psychic) devilish (demonic)”. These verses are written not to unbelievers but to Christians. The big problem today is that so many in the Church cannot tell the difference between the soulish and the spiritual. As confirmed by a lady in my Church who was deeply into the occult, much of the activity we are observing is more akin to the kundalini spirit found in yoga and hinduism. This understanding between soul and spirit can only come through allowing God's Word to DIVIDE soul and spirit (Heb 4 v 12) and the true and genuine work of the cross in our lives. (eg John 12 v 25 ). However, this is contrary to "quick fix" Christianity which is the hall mark of much that happens today. I recommend "War on the saints" by Jessie Penn Lewis (unabridged version). She was closely associated with Evan Roberts of Welsh revival fame and shows in this book the dangers of PASSIVITY and how believers can open up to seducing or deceiving spirits. It is dangerous just to open up ourselves to "power" and to stop using our minds and faculties. This is how eastern mysticism and new age thinking works. We should always remember that the fruit of the Spirit is SELF CONTROL (Gal 5 v 23) and no matter how "powerful" an experience is, if we cannot control it, it is doubtful it is of God. Also the Holy Spirit never interrupts Himself. God is not the author of confusion. Raucous laughter in the middle of a God given message will never be of God. Indeed, much of the laughter I am observing, I believe to be spirits of mockery masquerading under the guise of the Holy Spirit. I sat on Derek Prince's UK board for some years, and as one of the most travelled Bible teachers of recent years, and well used to manifestations of the Holy Spirit, Derek said how concerned he was about "Torontoism" of which this is a replica. He also felt the charismatic stream had been 'hijacked' by flaky ministry and teaching.

(15) There is not only a host of information on the web we can examine, but a growing number of good men have now offered assessments of "Florida". I can send these to you on request and one of the best is by Doug Harris of the well known Reachout Trust in Surrey. These people are specifically called to deal with sects and cults and have much experience and insight from which we can learn. Tony Pearce and Dave Hunt have also written well measured articles amongst others.

(16) Many things have come from America over the past 40 years and the problem is nobody bothers to check them out. Big name "leaders" are the biggest culprits! Check the doctrine, background, pedigree, track record of "ministers" and you might be surprised. "You are gods" and "Jesus died spiritually" are 2 doctrines peddled by American ministries who are very popular here. The fact that somebody is on the God channel is no guarantee that they are Biblically accurate or sound. "If the ROOT be holy, so are the branches" (Romans 11 v 16.) If there is something wrong at the source, then there will always be something wrong with the so called fruit. That's why WE HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE SOURCE!

(17) In SWORD magazine (formerly PROPHECY TODAY) last year November/December 2007, a Word from the Lord was printed. This was to the Church and the Nation of Britain and was given by the leader of one of the longest standing intercessory movements in this nation (a Spirit-filled man) Part of this stated "My people give heed to those who prophesy a lie and they delight in teachers of falsehood. They run to those who steal from them by their destructive heresies, for they cannot discern a path of righteousness. A wave of deception is about to break forth that will sweep away many. Therefore, take heed to yourselves and cling to the Word of my truth." It also contained clear revelation about the negative economic and financial situation which would come, and I can't help noticing that since then we have seen a huge "downturn" in our nation in these areas. Others I know have been waiting for a wave of deception to come. I see nothing else around that fits this.

We understand that Todd Bentley may have already been invited to Reading (?) and that certainly there are those from the town who have already visited Lakeland. Consequently with the backing of my Church which represents a growing segment of the body of Christ in the south area of Reading and surrounding villages, we will unfortunately not be able to promote or back anything connected with these happenings. We understand that our concerns and warnings are widely and equally shared and supported by other Churches and organisations in this nation.

We also find ourselves at variance with the statement issued by the Evangelical Alliance (Joel Edwards) in a number of areas. For example, to compare these strange occurrences with such revivals as Jonathan Edwards, Wesley, Whitfield and the Jeffreys is an odious comparison. As any student of revivals or Church history will well know, the reactions here were physical reactions, mainly by sinners to clear anointed Biblical preaching and presentation of the gospel and not to questionable things producing bizarre behaviour in Christians following some "impartation" by one man. However, in my view, such is the power of deception.

No doubt there will, as always, be those who will re-act to what I have said. I am willing to take that risk for the sake of many wounded 'charismatic' saints I have met over the years. I'd rather sound a trumpet call now and risk bigots firing shots at me than to pick up pieces later on and be guilty of standing before the Lord knowing that I should have said something and didn't. For those who feel I am speaking out of turn, having been involved in "charismatic renewal" for 42 years, I do feel I have some right and experience to comment on these events.

We do not intend to get involved in endless discussion or argument over these matters and they have been weighed carefully and prayerfully before this communication, but for the sake of the body of Christ in Reading, felt it would be helpful to flag up this message BEFORE things get too far. It would be good to think that those in Reading who truly weigh things by the Scriptures and seek to exercise discernings of spirits may actually do that before these bizarre events hit Reading with force.

May the Lord speak clearly to and have mercy upon us all.

John Angliss

Modern-day 'miracles' lack Biblical purpose

It's sad when the secular press speaks clearer than most "Christian" ones.

I recently read this one and figured you would like to as well.

Link To Article

Modern-day 'miracles' lack Biblical purpose

By Dennis Cogdill • SPECIAL TO THE DEMOCRAT • June 28, 2008

It has been said an individual can grow a beard, dress in a robe and sandals, and walk through America claiming to be Moses and find a following.

I believe that is true of people who claim to have visions. If you watch any amount of Christian television you will eventually hear someone claiming to have a vision from God. However, the vision is totally unverifiable and the only authoritarian source for the vision is the seer.

Todd Bentley, the leader of the Lakeland, "Florida Healing Outpouring" revival, is the latest seer to entice crowds with wondrous accounts of 20 foot angels and his story of personally ". . .going to heaven via a pillar of fire through the church roof. . ..." He describes a hotel room literally burned down because an angel visited his room. Mr. Bentley has even had a female angel visit him with new revelation. Of course, nowhere in the Bible do we read of female angels.

Mr. Bentley is more in line with Gnostic beliefs than Christianity. Gnosticism was a direct counterpart to Christianity when the twelve Apostles were alive. The Gnostics took pride in visions they claimed to see and new revelations they received. They taught that special rituals could catapult a person's spiritual level. Gnosticism was very fond of naming the angels after their activity.

Thomas Bentley has named the angel who started his revival "Winds of Change," and has said one angel told him, "I am a healing angel. . .." Mr. Bentley claims all Christians should and can take trips to heaven. An ad on his Web site says, in part, "The School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven" will get you ready to fly like an eagle into the supernatural realm!"

In her June 21 article, "Lakeland Revival Is the Real Deal," Krista Abbott testifies of the validity of Todd Bentley's revival. Listen to the reasons Ms. Abbott gave for the revival's validity. She said, " heart leaped" when she entered the structure and even though she was not cold. "I felt a chill on my arm." As sincere as Ms. Abbott might be about her "experiences," I suggest we as Christians look closer at the Bible when it comes to validating miracles and visions, rather than our feelings and others non-substantiated testimonies.

There is a sect in Christianity who thinks miracles of the New Testament are to be duplicated today. Mr. Bentley, his angel, "Winds of Change," and his followers are an example of such a sect. They neglect the uniqueness of Jesus and the purpose miracles had in the New Testament.

John the Baptist, while in prison, sent messengers to Jesus asking if he was the Messiah or whether they should look for another. Jesus told John's disciples to report to him the miracles they were seeing. (Mark 11: 4-5) The reason miracles are a part of the Biblical revelation is to validate Jesus' claims as the Messiah, not to be duplicated. Jesus' miracles have an authoritarian source, God's word

Mr. Bentley and others claim a pseudo-authority for their "miracles," via duplication, but they still lack a Biblical purpose. To propose we need to duplicate Jesus' miracles today is to negate the uniqueness and purpose of those miracles which testified to Jesus as the Lamb of God.