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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Todd's Interview on Nightline

Wow, they seem to have done a good job analyzing the meetings and Todd, according to Sola Dei Gloria

If I had never heard or read anything about this man or the event and this interview was my introduction to both, there is no way I would think this was of God. When asked for verification on all the healings and miracles he claims to have ‘performed’ (and believe me, he does take the credit) he offers the interview-er the “media packet” which is suppose to be proof–it held no proof at all folks. He said on camara this packet contained ‘verifiable testimonies’ and ‘medical documents’. They showed these ‘papers’ on camara, they were nothing more then papers with names, locations, contact info blacked out.

A couple of the people they followed who came for healing, a man and his critically ill child being one, was heart breaking to watch.These people are coming to see Todd…to have “Todd” heal them or their ill loved one. That was very clear in the interviews with the people. This is all about Todd. If I ever doubted that, this interview and Todd’s own words proved it.

Todd’s comment about needing “1,000 more Todd Bentley’s” made me sick.

For those of you who have written me nasty letters concerning the money being taken in at this event, telling me Todd gets nothing–this interview proves you wrong. He makes 100,000.00 a year…plus its revealed he now needs more to be given: more money to pay his ‘ever growing staff’. I noticed he has public relation people around him now.


Added 7/10~~The ABC Nightline page on the segment is here.

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