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Monday, July 7, 2008

Modern-day 'miracles' lack Biblical purpose

It's sad when the secular press speaks clearer than most "Christian" ones.

I recently read this one and figured you would like to as well.

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Modern-day 'miracles' lack Biblical purpose

By Dennis Cogdill • SPECIAL TO THE DEMOCRAT • June 28, 2008

It has been said an individual can grow a beard, dress in a robe and sandals, and walk through America claiming to be Moses and find a following.

I believe that is true of people who claim to have visions. If you watch any amount of Christian television you will eventually hear someone claiming to have a vision from God. However, the vision is totally unverifiable and the only authoritarian source for the vision is the seer.

Todd Bentley, the leader of the Lakeland, "Florida Healing Outpouring" revival, is the latest seer to entice crowds with wondrous accounts of 20 foot angels and his story of personally ". . .going to heaven via a pillar of fire through the church roof. . ..." He describes a hotel room literally burned down because an angel visited his room. Mr. Bentley has even had a female angel visit him with new revelation. Of course, nowhere in the Bible do we read of female angels.

Mr. Bentley is more in line with Gnostic beliefs than Christianity. Gnosticism was a direct counterpart to Christianity when the twelve Apostles were alive. The Gnostics took pride in visions they claimed to see and new revelations they received. They taught that special rituals could catapult a person's spiritual level. Gnosticism was very fond of naming the angels after their activity.

Thomas Bentley has named the angel who started his revival "Winds of Change," and has said one angel told him, "I am a healing angel. . .." Mr. Bentley claims all Christians should and can take trips to heaven. An ad on his Web site says, in part, "The School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven" will get you ready to fly like an eagle into the supernatural realm!"

In her June 21 article, "Lakeland Revival Is the Real Deal," Krista Abbott testifies of the validity of Todd Bentley's revival. Listen to the reasons Ms. Abbott gave for the revival's validity. She said, " heart leaped" when she entered the structure and even though she was not cold. "I felt a chill on my arm." As sincere as Ms. Abbott might be about her "experiences," I suggest we as Christians look closer at the Bible when it comes to validating miracles and visions, rather than our feelings and others non-substantiated testimonies.

There is a sect in Christianity who thinks miracles of the New Testament are to be duplicated today. Mr. Bentley, his angel, "Winds of Change," and his followers are an example of such a sect. They neglect the uniqueness of Jesus and the purpose miracles had in the New Testament.

John the Baptist, while in prison, sent messengers to Jesus asking if he was the Messiah or whether they should look for another. Jesus told John's disciples to report to him the miracles they were seeing. (Mark 11: 4-5) The reason miracles are a part of the Biblical revelation is to validate Jesus' claims as the Messiah, not to be duplicated. Jesus' miracles have an authoritarian source, God's word

Mr. Bentley and others claim a pseudo-authority for their "miracles," via duplication, but they still lack a Biblical purpose. To propose we need to duplicate Jesus' miracles today is to negate the uniqueness and purpose of those miracles which testified to Jesus as the Lamb of God.

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Dominic said...

Well for one thing miracles are supposed to be happening today. Miracles were not just for validating that Jesus was Who He said He was but to validate also that this life for Christ that we live is real. Because our talk can only go so far.

Bentley is corrupt though. Angels cannot preach the gospel, that is up to us. Angels are no longer responsible for healings like they may have been in the old testament. I dont know about that for sure but I do know that Jesus is the source of all healing, NOT angels. Also angels and demons cannot procreate, they are sexless. So to claim that an angel is female would be unBiblical and wrong. There is no Scriptural precedent for an angel being male or female. Its like saying that God is female or that he is male, or that He is male and female. God is neither. God gave humans a sex.