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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Apology To The Body

As I mentioned in this Email to the Churchwarnings website, I live in Lakeland, now about 25 min, across town, down Harden Rd, Right on Pipkin, and take another right to the Sun N Fun area where the revival is at.

Something totally not of God manifested itself in Polk County on the second April Fools Day this year, Apr 2nd.

First, I must say that we, as a community of believers have sinned and have not been the watchmen we should have been, as lots of this demonic oppression and infiltration of the church has been going on for several years, that I am aware of.

The overlooking of sin in the church by the pastors/leadership(some of them guilty themselves and still there), the condoning of extra-Biblical teachings(for example, outreaches making sure we don't mention Jesus as to not alienate the "seekers") and seeking after the supernatural(encounters, without any teachings about what's real and what is of the devil), all the while not discipling the sheep by teaching them the Word of God, so that they may be prepared, mature, and reaching the lost.

So in essence, this community of believers is guilty of allowing this thing to fester and now it seems the boil has popped and affected more of the Body of Christ.

For this I am personally repentant towards God, and my deceived brothers and sisters.

Why was I so stupid, and did not watch and pray, interceding for my community as well?

We don't learn by doing things right. We learn from mistakes.

I apologize to you, that you have to even hear about Lakeland, Todd Bentley, Stephen Strader, Ignited Church, or this supposed move of God.

Had we done our part as Christians here in Polk County, Lakeland, and at our church, we would not be having this discussion.

You have no idea how sorry I am, for what was unleashed upon the Body of Christ through our indifference and neglect.

The devil had his day. We will not let it happen again, and as we pray, and Glorify the One True God, and His Son Jesus, the devil's influence will wither away, and this thing will move on to another unsuspecting, ignorant/neglectful place.

So if I can ask of you, pray for our community, for the communities of those who have people coming here to get some of this spirit or spirits and take that, anointing as they are calling it, spirit/spirits home to affect their church and community.

If we do not prepare, warn, discern, pray, and act, when the real latter days deception comes, you and I may be part of the elect deceived, as well as millions of souls lost.

It's worth the cost. Pray, read and teach the Bible, make mature disciples, and engage in spiritual warfare.

There is precious little time to reach the lost, and to save some of our brothers and sisters, before Jesus' return.

Let's be about the Lord's work, not seeking signs and wonders, and letting our brothers/sisters get wrapped up in a false gospel, ending up in hell.

We do make a difference. And the nice thing about repentance is now we get to get up off of our faces and get to do His work.

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