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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, Is It or Isn't It?

The Foursquare Church, Jack Hayford, President, Concerning “The Lakeland Revival”

So, is it real, in the Foursquare Church's opinion, or not? I guess we may never know.


HavokXP said...

Not on this post per se but putting it here.Ran into Hesed in the chatroom while the feed was not working.My dialup cause me to lag out too badly to continue our talking and this is easiest way to chat back.

Have not seen the revival yet (dialup) but since could not see it, checked into the man, his beliefs, and his teachings and am a bit concerned.

I will NOT say it is or is not God at work since, well, am not there nor am I God. I will mention things which seem odd.

The credit he gives angels.Mentions having them take authority over things in his/your life.Jesus has been given all authority and being that I am in Him and He is in me I have access to that authority through Him - I am an heir with Christ. Angels are not heirs.

Talking to the 'dead' Paul - the bible is fairly clear that talking with dead anyone is not happening - if they say they are whoever that was alive, they were never alive as human beings.

Not mentioning the authority, power, or our position in Christ makes me a fair bit wary.

Have read (not seen) that he mentions God several times so he must be for real - my answer: James 2:19.

I am not anti-movement or anything. Personally, I was saved during the 90's at a vineyard church so am quite familiar with the charismatic movement and church.Currently with a very outward focused evangelic church.

Again, I do not know if it is God or not moving in Florida.I will not judge Mr.Bentley.Regardless of who Todd is/was it may very well be God in motion and if it is, then more more more. If it is not on the other hand, I pray God reveals what it is and stops it cold.

Bohinski said...

The mainstream tv preachers opt for a politically correct assessment of the Lakeland outpouring. Fear of man ruins the fruit of Holy Spirit discernment. Divine truth is black and white, not a Laodicean-ecumenical pastel.

American mainstream "in the know" pastors refuse to measure the temple. They fear being guilty of judgment (as the world defines it). The true body of Christ is to love righteous judgment because it brings true repentance and life.