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Monday, May 19, 2008

Who Says the Lakeland "Revival" Isn't About the Money?

\o/ An interesting article by A Little Leaven.

Who Says the Lakeland "Revival" Isn't About the Money?

Todd Bentley's defenders have been sending us emails claiming that the Lakeland "Revival" is not about the money. We beg to differ. All you have to do is visit Todd Bentley's 'Fresh Fire' website and you'll see that they are fishing for money. In fact, the site says "Sow Seed Into Revival Now!" [Seed is a Word Faith euphemism that means MONEY]

Since, when does God need money for revival? How on earth can anyone with a conscience make the claim that if you send them money that God would turn that into revival? We thought the Bible said that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. God is loaded. Why would God make revival contingent upon you sending money to Todd Bentley?

\o/ Have you been by Freshfire.Ca and taken a look??? While you're there, check out Todd's statement of faith.

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