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Friday, May 23, 2008

False Prophets Duping Christian Parents

Youth Ministries Alert has an article and a video on their website, entitled
Targeting the Children: False Prophets Duping Christian Parents or just check out the website for yourself, Youth Ministries Alert

Warning, don't watch the video until you have read the article and transcript, and compare it to the Scriptures and to New Age teachings, and astral projection. You will notice it compares to the latter, not the former. Be warned.

But remember, these are the people speaking at and leading the revival.

Smells like rotten vanilla to me.

After praying up, watching the video, if you can handle it, and praying again, you'll know what I mean.

Remember, the guy taking these kids into this "experience," Bob Jones, is the same fella who had women stand "naked before the Lord" before him at the Vineyard Aneheim in order to receive a "personal" prophecy. He has no credibility in my eyes. Do you want him taking your kids anywhere?

You might want to research Patricia King, and her encounter with the sUn, and how important the "blue flame" is to her.

And when you read up on Todd Bentley's past, you will never let him be alone with your children, regardless of how much of "God" you feel Todd has, if you have any sense of responsibility as a parent.

There's lots to be careful about with Todd.

The deception over this "revival" is growing.

Notice that the damning evidence is now removed from his website, so the stupid sheep will continue to flock to Lakeland, and pour into Todd's coffers, affecting the economy locally, and devastating/"marinating" several good churches in town before it will be considered "over."

Yet the community is still unchanged, and oblivious to supposedly "God" showing up in town.


If only we had been watchmen several years ago, this would never have descended upon Polk County, Florida.

Lord forgive us for our complacency, and lack of intercession for our church, our community, our nation, and our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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