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Monday, June 23, 2008

International Visitors

Currently there have been visitors from over 50 countries checking out the outpouring of the spirits in my town.

A lot of people are hearing about this and checking out the information for themselves.

BTW, only 70% of the visits to this blog are from the US, currently.

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Caron said...

Hi! Thank you for all you are doing on this site! I have passed it on!

From "Slice of Laodicea"

*Crosstalk Alert* Wednesday
I recently posted a message from Justin Peters ( on the Word of Faith movement and its heretical teachings. This is the movement that has produced so many false teachers, including Todd Bentley and his Lakeland “revival”. Justin will be joining me on Wednesday, Crosstalk, the Lord willing, and we will be talking about the basic teachings of this movement and how it is in conflict with biblical Christianity. Justin travels to churches around the country with his “A Call for Discernment” seminars. You can listen to the program live at 2pm Central time at our Crosstalk website.