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Monday, July 14, 2008

A Forum Post


Sagebrush, this Robert Brownell of that “Civil War” link you gave me says he interviewed 25 people were miraculously healed (at Lakeland via Todd Bentley), and these healings were “confirmed by multiple sources” He did not include doctors in that list, but medical records would be impossible to get without express permission of the person due to privacy laws. The Bentley camp themselves would have to work with people to get medical proof, and multiple sources say that Bentley is using delay tactics of making promises without producing any evidence. Multiple sources also say that there are no healings of people in wheelchairs or other obvious physical infirmities at the Bentley meetings.

One of the many things that disturbs me is how Bentley is enough of a false healing evangelist to not only fail to preach the Word (which is also being consistently reported), but to say that people who are supposedly resurrected are giving praise to God and Todd Bentley too. Here’s the video:

Raised From the Dead Shouting Praises to God AND Todd Bentley
There, Todd Bentley reads an unconfirmed ‘claim’ of a dead man coming back to life in a funeral home and claiming his voice pulled the dead man’s spirit out of heaven. The man is alleged to have woken up shouting praises to God AND Todd Bentley. He doesn't bat an eye while saying this type of blasphemy.

Eye witnesses are also saying Bentley is pronouncing people healed when they are not. At this website: Miracles That Never Happened in Lakeland , there is a video of Bentley reading out a false prophecy about a personal visitation of Jesus “in person” at Lakeland, coming “in a clouds in the clouds in His chariot, surrounded by a great angelic host,” no less. Jesus is supposed to step on stage. Then Bentley tries to backtrack on what he just said. He doesn't say, "Oh oops- that's obviously a false prophecy"... he tries to backtrack instead.

Below that video on the same webpage, there is the radio interviews: “Todd Friel and Justin Peters (Way of the Masters Radio) on Todd Bentley pt.1”, and “Todd Friel and Justin Peters (Way of the Masters Radio) on Todd Bentley pt.2”

This is an interview with Justin Peters who did his thesis on the Word of Faith movement. Justin walks on crutches or uses a wheelchair himself because of a relatively mild case of CP (Cerebral Palsey). He was at the Lakeland revival for a couple of days and he said he tried to go there with an open mind. However he found Bentley flippant about God and an “exceedingly arrogant person, constantly claiming experiences with angels and trips to heaven etc. He said there was no preaching of God’s Word and they described the anointed as “walking in the sauce” was “their word for the ‘anointing of God’”He said that he made it a point to get the names and phone #’s of 7 people who went up on stage, who said they were touched by God, were ‘slain’ in the Spirit and Todd Bentley proclaimed them healed, but when he called them and contacted them later, they all admitted they were no better. One man by the name of Larry Reed died of cancer 8 days after Bentley proclaimed him healed. In part 2, Justin said he was in a wheelchair with others in wheelchair (May 19th) and he described a heart-breaking scene after Todd Bentley encouraged people in wheelchairs to physically move around and do what they could to “exercise their faith”. One of the wheelchair victims fell out of their chair and laid there for about ½ hour until people finally got him up and put him back in their wheel chair.

Here is one of the written accounts from Justin Peter, with the Larry there obviously being the same person who is now deceased.

I’m sure lots of people have heard about this already, but this is the same Larry Reed that Andrew Strom has recently spoken about. There are accounts of this all over too. Here is one of them:

I just read the saddest testimony on Strom’s website A Pastor Larry Reed from Washington State had terminal bone cancer. He went to Lakeland last week, and Mr. Bentley “Bammed” him. He struggled out of his wheelchair and cheered with the crowd as Mr. Bentley proclaimed him healed. He died yesterday.

“…a dear friend of mine who passed away this morning at 5:20 AM. His name is Pastor Larry Reed, Pastor of Olympic View Assembly of God in Silverdale, Washington. Pastor Larry has been suffering for the past 18 months of terminal bone cancer. He was given only a year to live, but PRAISE THE LORD out lived the doctors findings. He (Pastor Larry) told me last year at breakfast one morning that he wanted more for Jesus and was going to do whatever it took to accomplish that. He invited speakers from all over the country from evangelists to prophetic speakers so that he and his congregation could catch the fire and maybe just maybe a revival would break out in his church.

He really took a turn for the worst this year, and lost most of his weight, he looked like a skeleton, was on oxygen and needed care all of the time. He couldn’t even preach anymore. Pastor Larry was a man who dearly loved Jesus, and was very strong in his faith and very strong in stature physically. So to see him so frail was shocking to say the least.

Last week on 5/18/08 he was in the sanctuary there in Lakeland trying to find the healing he soo much wanted, sitting in his wheel chair in front of Mr. Bentley, he was deemed as “healed” when Pastor Larry stood up and cheered in victory. During the course of last week when he returned, he got worse and so this morning he died.

So that’s by the mouths of more than one witness. And of course, there are also all the videos of Todd Bentley such as the videos above where Todd testifies against himself. Of course I would expect no apologies from any of these N.A.R. people or KC prophets for anything they do or say—I’ve never seen it-, but it is very distressing to see desperate people get hurt like this and I’m glad people are exposing these practices and these duplicities, for their sake.


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