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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Todd Bentley Is Back, Peddling His Ungodly Wares

Wow, and we thought this would be over.

Looks like Todd Bentley wrested the name and website back from the Fresh Fire ministry. You know, he wouldn't want to miss some possible faith monies.

Looks like Rick Joyner says he's restored. Nothing like a false prophet, yes that's my opinion, restoring one who left his wife for the bars and his child's babysitter, right?

So why again is he delving into the angel of finance thingy, if he is about the Lord's work?


There is nothing new under the sun.

I sometimes can’t believe the stupidity that passes itself off as Christianity. In the video below from the Kingdom Business Association, Todd Bentley talks more about the angel of finance and the angel called “International Banker.” I find it hard to believe he can say these things with a straight face.

So much time and energy is spent chasing riches. In this video, Todd Bentley speaks of God’s glory and material riches in the same breath. Sad. The Scriptures tell us that God was glorified through His Son. Those are the true riches. For those who lust for the treasure that corrupts, you have the angel called “International Banker” who spreads around filthy lucre. For those who want God’s TRUE glory, God sent them His Son, Jesus Christ.
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