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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Simple Resources For Further Research

Here are some of the many sites I've used to read up on the revival, and not "feel" one way or the other, whether it is right or not.

Remember, use these links as starting points for your research. Verify and corroborate the information, to make sure it is so.

Witnessing it yourself, video, or reading it yourself, article/"teaching" on Freshfire.CA, is the best way, not just going off of hearsay and what you read somewhere on the Internet.

And be warned, many of the articles/posts/emails/comments you will see on these sites are repeated elsewhere.

Seeing an "opinion" multiple times DOES NOT make it so.

Pray about what's going on in my town of Lakeland, read a little, compare what you read/see to the Bible, to see if it is so.

Wolf Tracks
Revival Read up on the Forums
Church Warnings

Or, just do some research for yourself, and read some of the links beyond the first page of links. BTW, don't forget to bookmark the link to that little nugget of truth you find.
Google Todd Bentley, and read the articles beyond the first few.
Google Todd Bentley Lakeland There is some good stuff here.
Google Todd Bentley Cold Reading Yes, you read right.

And, if you want to read a lot, and spend a lot of time filtering through tons of information, check out other blogs talking about the Lakeland revival and Todd Bentley.

Wow, it's a beautiful Sunday morning in Lakeland, with the sunrise across the lake!

Good day to you!

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