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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring Part 5

An err, umm, blunt article from Theology Today

I have been very outspoken regarding the authenticity of this so called “Florida Outpouring”….I didn’t believe it was of God before and what I’ve just witnessed tonight only confirmed my suspicions. I’ve seen a whole lot of God mocking things in my life….but this by far is the most audacious display of mockery I have ever personally witnessed. If you think I was critical or harsh before then you had better not read any further…..

Todd Bentley and his cohorts really outdid themselves Saturday night in Lakeland Florida. Bentley promised us there would be a “baptism of fire” and he certainly didn’t disappoint the crowd that came to be “anointed with fire”. Here are some of the highlights…if I can call them this….

As always people were coming forward claiming to be healed of things like cancer, diabetes, back aches headaches and such. Glaringly absent….as ALWAYS….were miracles such as completely restored limbs or the dead being raised…which of course they claim happens SOMEWHERE every night….just NEVER on TV….Gee…I wonder why?

People were being brought onstage to Bentley….many either laughing uncontrollably or convulsing….Bentley asks them to “step over there”….apparently where the “angel is”….he shouts “bam”…..laughs hysterically….and they hit the floor writhing and laughing hysterically…..I picture Satan laughing hysterically as well.

You know who NEVER gets affected by any of this? The folks standing behind these silly sheeple who act as “catchers” when the sheeple are being “anointed with fire” or whatever is happening to them. I think it’s amazing how these catchers seem to be the only ones in COMPLETE CONTROL……well I don’t think it’s that amazing….

Pastor Stephen Strader….the clown who brought this whole hoax to Lakeland…..running around like a fool….with his ever present laptop in hand….pretending to be “drunk in the spirit”….falls down…..only he was VERY careful with his PC…..clutching it closely to his chest as he “falls down”…..then calmly gets up and walks over to his chair and sits down… if nothing ever happened! Thank you GOD TV for showing this.

Bentley and his cohorts catchphrase…“Come get some” is straight out of the WWE….Maybe when GOD TV goes bankrupt from airing this fiasco the WWE can show this like “Smackdown”….nah…we know Smackdown isn’t real….they only pretend it’s real…but at least its entertaining….there is NOTHING entertaining about Bentley’s version of Smackdown….and anyone with even an ounce of discernement can see this “revival” isn’t the real deal either.

The silly sheeple looking for a sign deserve to be shorn by Bentley…they’ve been warned that what is happening in Lakeland isn’t of God….and they have ignored the warnings and plunged headfirst…or backwards in many cases…into a Satan induced hoax…and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Theology Today will continue to expose this heresy as long as it continues….and I don’t see any end in sight.

Ouch, that burned!

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