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Monday, May 26, 2008

Todd Testing The Spirits?

I recently ran into someone who said they had read all of Todd Bentley's books, and watch all of the revival services.

We had a nice cordial discussion about the revival.

I asked a simple question.

Have you ever heard Todd, in relating his many, many encounters with angels/spirits, say he tested them?

Naturally he continued with talking about the revival/Todd and ignored my statement.

After pointing out that he did not answer my question, finally, he had to admit, and stated, I don't know.

Hmmmm, so, another question, if Todd Bentley did not test the spirits from the first "encounter" but felt it was God, what did Todd embrace years ago?


Now, here's my question directed at you. If you have a supernatural encounter with a spirit that seems to be an angel, what should you do?

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inconclusivekim said...

hmm, yeah. i haven't asked that myself.

i've heard of us peopel testing the spirits but never heard of the question if Todd really did test the spirits from his encounters.

i live in FL too

3 hours away :D