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Monday, May 26, 2008

What's Happening To People?

{click for a better picture}You have all of these people, supposedly influenced by God, who have attended the revival services.

They act as if something is wrong with you, if you hear about the revival, do a little research on the "evangelist" and other speakers, and don't embrace the revival as if it were from God.

I keep on hearing "eat the meat but spit out the bones."

Well, when you read the product label, and the ingredients include things you know are poisonous to your soul, do you ingest the poison and hopefully spit it out?

Is the supposed good we are encouraged to partake of tainted by what we know is bad?

Do we buy that bad piece of meat, expecting to cut off the rotting parts when we get home?

Honestly, I'm sure there is lots of stuff in this revival that would be appealing to me, had I not checked out Todd Bentley for myself, did a little research on the internet to see what he teaches on his website, checked out a few of the video clips from the meetings, and watched several meetings online myself in the first week.

But Scripture is clear: There will be false prophets who go out and will show great signs and wonders, and will even deceive the elect, if possible.

We're okay with someone saying, "look over in Missouri, God is there. Look, over in Texas, God is there. Look, over in wherever there is an outpouring of God, let's go." And we search the internet for cheap flights and hotels, to go and be with "God," take some of that "anointing" and bring it home.

But do we check out who is there, and what is going on, against the Bible, or do we just pack our bags?

The Bible is clear.

Are we going to ingest poison, or are we going to seek counsel, check our Bible to see if it is so, and research/pray before booking a flight?

Sadly, most don't know their Scriptures or have enough common sense to do some minuscule amount of research.

Discernment isn't needed when the ingredients list includes poison.


Steve said...

Amen. I hope every brother and sister will read this. And isn't the "Invasion of the Body" so true also? Thanks for your work.

The Lakeland revival (small r intended) Is dangerous to the body.

Jeff said...

Thank you for this blog site. It is very helpful. I know a few people who are very much into Todd Bentley, and at least one of them gets violently defensive if you say anything bad about Todd. I have emailed the link to this blog site to a number of people, to get the word out. False doctrine is running rampant today, and many Christians are embracing it.