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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Berit Kjos

I've ran across Berit Kjos in her articles on and found most to be very informative and accurate, and an awakening call to the Church and America.

You can find here archived articles on that website, here.

As she says, "Truth Will Triumph."

That is certainly the case with the supposed city-taking (not in Lakeland, apparently) nation taking(not in the US, apparently) anointing Todd has for the taking, encouraging all to "come get some."

The truth is radically different than that shared before the audience of thousands/millions nightly by Todd, his understudies, or Stephen Strader.

Please, come to Lakeland and stay a few days. Wander around town. It's a normal American town, so you don't have to be lead around by the revival masses Enjoy the swans and geese in the many lakes as you stroll. Talk to the locals.

You'll notice something glaringly missing from their day to day talk: Jesus and what's going on on the outskirts of town, on the other side of the airport each night.

Anyhow, Berit Kjos has a good website, Kjos Ministries, that has some great information about several things attacking/influencing the church, including the New Age, Purpose Driven, attacks/influences. Those are for further study/reading.

She has weighed in on the outpouring of the spirits here in Lakeland, as well.

Angels or Demons? Todd Bentley and "The Beautiful Side of Evil"....

Mesmerizing the masses

To alter her consciousness and connect with these entities, Johanna used meditation, visualization, concentration -- and the repetitive beat of a metronome. Bentley's tools are different but just as effective. Like tribal shamans (and like his own former world of "satanic music"), he uses loud rhythmic sounds (drums, etc.), then adds repetitious words and hypnotic music. Pastor Gary Osborne described it in his article,

Bentley's "Revival" in Lakeland, Florida:

"The phrase 'stir yourselves up' was used repeatedly.... A woman led in prayer for the service and ... told the people to 'roar like a lion!' ... People everywhere shouted at the top of their lungs.... This same lady was jerking and twitching.... There was also much talk of 'birthing' and 'signs and wonders.'... People were swaying and dancing.... There was a very sensual spirit... People seemed to be in a trance all around me. If the worship leader said, 'raise your hands' everyone did so immediately. If he said, 'drop to your knees' they did.... The music had the people mesmerized....

"At about 8:30 PM... the music leader says, 'I’m feeling drunk.' He then tells the people to say to God, 'Intoxicate me, Lord.... Now the people are getting truly wild and the leader says, 'Scream!!!' and the people let out a yell.... Finally the worship leader falls to the floor himself...."[5]

This manipulative process started up again the next evening. Finally, with the crowd thoroughly conditioned to "break out of the box" of Biblical order (1 Cor 14:40), Bentley took control. Wearing a t-shirt with the words, "Jesus Gave Me My Tattoos," he announced the presence of "great authority" in the building. "I speak creation," he declared. "I speak new hearts, new livers into existence tonight....'”[5]

Todd Bentley's "Revival": Music and Mass Hypnotism

Just a couple of articles for further research.

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