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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Todd Answers the Critics

Todd tried to answer his critics.

To his defense comes one Dr. Gary S. Greig, supporter of the Kansas City Prophets, and a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary.

If you go to Todd's website, and go to his happily named (and rarely done in the meetings) page, Lifting Jesus High!, you will see the "scholarly" article by Dr Greig.

Wowza, 55 pages and theological mumbo jumbo. Of course that makes it all right, and something so daunting and impossible to finish/understand as to make it too much for you and I, right?

But alas, to their dismay, along comes a theologian not trained in a liberal seminary, James Praisch, Faculty of Hebrew, Judaism and Judeo Christian Hermeneutics, Midland Bible College and Divinity School, University of Wales, UK

Here is the rebuttal.

A Review Of Gary S Greig’s Pseudo-Scholarly Apologetic For The Unbiblical Antics Of Todd Bentley And The Lakeland, Florida Sequel To The Failed Revivals Of Kansas City, Toronto, And Pensacola.


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